• Phone : +91- 9065697318
  • Opening Time : 8:30am-4:30pm
  • Solitaire Educational Academy AFFILIATED TO CBSE NEW DELHI
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Dear Parents, School for me, is a temple for eradicting darkeness by lighting torch perception molding characters by replacing weak habits by strong ones and removing attitude of doubts by determenation. In true sense schools buil nation by elevating human spirit, confidence and sense of oness.

Every nation is knownfor its culture. Therefore, it is sole duty of Schools to promote optimum level of education living without our cultures. I assure to give both scientific education and colorful cultures of india, from the corridor of Solitaire Educational Academy.

Environment pays a good role in development of sound min. Students of Solitaire Educational Academy are lucky because education and nature are inextricably interwined in here. apart from mental development , i do believe physical education is very essential, so our school providing spectacular classes for Yoga, Meditation and vaious sports, School Committee has planned to set separate play grounds for Tennis ,Cricket,Football,Hockey,Basketball,Badminton in forthcomming Years

I except support and co-ordination of parents and techers to keep my aforce-mentioned promises. I welcome every valuable suggestions of parents from bottom of my heart.

thank You. SMC