• Phone : +91- 9065697318
  • Opening Time : 8:30am-4:30pm
  • Solitaire Educational Academy AFFILIATED TO CBSE NEW DELHI
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About Our Solitaire Educational Academy

The school welcomes children between 5 to 6 years to unfold their hidden talents and potentialities and to stimulate their intellectual curiosity through intersecting activities. Teaching cum entertaining aids such as audio-visual aids are also provided with a view to laying a strong foundation for later schooling, the school offers children opportunities to learn the fundamental skills reading, writing and counting & to develop a personality as a whole under the maternal case of an enlighten at & experienced staff.

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  • General Rule

    1. Every student should be proper school uniform (neat & clean),else he or she shall not be permitted to attend the class.
    2. The principal will meet parents & guardian on working day only 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM. All Complaint must be made in writting and be addressed to the principal and not to any other member of school.
    3. Parents are not allowed to meet teacher and students without prior permission of the principal
    4. The price of school furniture equipment ,apparatus, glass panes or other school property damaged by student due to carelessness will be charged from parents.
    5. Parents should deem their duty to be present at a parent-teacher meeting

    Dress Code

    School uniform is compulsory for all our students on school days even during the examination and organized tour, Uniform are stipulated as below :-



    Peach half sleeve shirt,coffee colour shorts(nursury& std1) -coffee colour trousers (stdII and Upwards) white socks,Brown shoes


    Peach half sleeve shirt,coffee colour Skirt white socks,Brown shoes



    Peach full sleeve shirt,coffee colour trousers,maroon plain Blazer,maroon plain Mufflers white socks,Brown shoes


    Peach full sleeve shirt,coffee colour Skirt,maroon plain Blazer,maroon plain Scarf white socks,Brown shoes,maroon slacks

    Game PT Dress


    Peach half sleeve shirt,white shorts/trousers white socks,white PT shoes


    Peach half sleeve shirt,white Skirt white socks,white PT shoes