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  • Opening Time : 8:30am-4:30pm
  • Solitaire Educational Academy AFFILIATED TO CBSE NEW DELHI
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Ankita Shree

Secretary's Message

Dear Sir, Education is the highest function of civilization and it is only resource that makes us unique creature in this wonderful world. we believe schools are the fertile soil that beget education and mentors are the farmers who shower knowledge for better growth of plants who are publish for schools.

Keeping above benefits in our mind we have laid the foundation of solitaire academy a branch of EDU AIM. it is our objurgation to furnish our school with sophisticated Library Laboratory and Atheletic instruments in order to inculcate all round development in our pupils for we have already taken some steps. We do believe tentavive education conjugated with computer revolution has become indensable for student therefore, we have been equipping our school with proficient and dexterous teachers and aids related computer. we want to provide a sanctified environment to our student in order to generate in them profile qualities deteremination, confidence honesty morality and above all the sense of Universal Brotherhood so as they should be always victorious in every strive of life.

Appreciation is the memory of heart there by we thank parents who moral support film faith well deportment admiration have encourage us to initiate with educatinal goal and we anticipate to get above virtue of them even in comming days. we truly believe ap optimistic suggestion can bring a remarkable and miraculous changes the betterment of our school suggestions of all and sundry are welcomed.

with warm regards

always at services